Plumbing Supplies

Advanced Drainage Systems

Subcategory: Drainage Products
Material: Plastic

From our first corrugated pipe product to our newest stormwater filter, ADS has been a ground breaker in the development and manufacture of advanced drainage products and solutions.

CONTECH Construction Products

Subcategory: Drainage Products
Material: Metal, Plastic

Implement the ideal drainage plan with the large range of solutions and materials.


Subcategory: Drainage Products, Pumps & Tanks, Septic Systems, Water Pumps

Flotec offers water systems for your well water and pressure needs.


Subcategory: Access Panels, Repair Parts-Toilet, Water Supply Connectors

There is a Fluidmaster part for nearly every toilet tank problem, as well water supply connectors and access panels.


Subcategory: Locking Device

FaucetLock™ prevents water theft and tampering.

Subcategory: Pipe/Fittings, Valves

The high quality line of fittings and valves are ideal for flow-control applications.

Subcategory: Pipe/Fittings

Unlike rigid piping, PEX tubing comes in rolls which can be cut easily to any desired length and it requires no soldering and very few joint fittings.

Roebic Laboratories

Subcategory: Drainage Products

Roebic wastewater treatments and cleaners keep your septic tank, cesspool and drain running smoothly.

Saniflo U.S.A

Subcategory: Pumps & Tanks
Type: Water Pump

SANIFLO gray water pump systems pump waste water away from a variety of sources, such as a kitchen sink, laundry sink, washing machine (indirect via a laundry tub only), dishwasher, bar sink, etc.

Subcategory: Pumps & Tanks
Type: Sewage Pump

SANIFLO macerating pumps and toilet systems are environmentally friendly; using less water than a normal toilet system.


Subcategory: Copper, CPVC, Pipe/Fittings, Valves, Water Supply Connectors

The SharkBite® Connection System from Cash Acme makes any plumbing project fast and easy. Whether you need to repair a broken pipe or plumb a whole house, SharkBite is the push-fit solution for leak-free results.

Simer Pump

Subcategory: Pumps & Tanks
Type: Below Ground, Sewage Pump, Sump Pump, Swimming Pool Pump, Transfer Pump, Water Pump, Well Pump

Simer manufactures pumps for basement installation, sump pumps, pumping below-grade toilets, laundry facilities, window wells and general dewatering.

State Industries

Subcategory: Water Heaters
Type: Tank

Commercial water heaters provide abundant hot water, low operating costs and long, dependable life.

Subcategory: Pumps & Tanks
Type: Expansion Tank

Expansion Tanks provide water heaters with a place for expanding water to go during cycles of thermal expansion, eliminating the risk of damage to the boiler and piping in the system.

Subcategory: Pumps & Tanks
Type: Pump Tank

Pump Tanks are designed for great flexibility in installation and years of trouble-free service. Free-standing and in-line vertical tanks are available, as well as horizontal tanks with universal pump mounting bracket.

Subcategory: Water Heaters
Type: Tank

Residential water heaters provide abundant hot water, low operating costs and long, dependable life.

Wayne Water Systems

Subcategory: Pumps & Tanks
Type: Sump Pump, Water Pump

Wayne Water Systems is the largest manufacturer of sump and utility pumps in the world.