Toro Products

Toro Company

Category: Lawn & Garden
Subcategory: Blowers, Vacuum

From clearing debris to vacuuming and mulching autumn leaves, these electric blowers have become an indispensable way to keep your yard looking it's best.

Subcategory: Mower, Tractor
Type: Riding

Toro® riding mowers and tractors are built for people that are proud of their lawns. Toro quality means riding mowers and tractors are reliable, durable and proven.

Subcategory: Snow Removal

From small decks to huge driveways, Toro® has the snowblower for you.

Subcategory: Trimmers

Put the finishing touches on your lawn using one of Toro's electric trimmers. Whether it's grooming light grasses around the garden or attacking heavy weeds, Toro has the right trimmer for the job.

Subcategory: Mower
Type: Battery Powered, Walk-Behind

Toro's® exciting new line-up of walk power mowers are loaded with features that will make your mowing experience more enjoyable and your grass more beautiful.

Subcategory: Mower
Type: Zero Turn

Toro Zero Turn Mowers delivers exceptional quality of cut and dependable performance with easy operation and comfort.